From Caracas to New York City!

I began this FANTASTIC journey as a photographer in the hustle and bustle of my hometown, Caracas, Venezuela in 2006 at the Roberto Mata photography school. Ever since then, life has never been the same! As a strong believer of education, I decided to advance my career and moved to NYC in 2008 to pursue the General Studies Program at the International Center of Photography (ICP). During my time in ICP, I was awarded the ICP Director’s Fellowship for a project that focused on my family. Through this project, I loved having the opportunity to connect my vocation to my family roots and heritage…something that not every individual gets to do every day!

After graduating from ICP, I started assisting world-renowned photographer Marie Ellen Mark in her family photography assignments. At the same time, I photographed my friends and their families, which eventually led to having my own clientele which I consider to be one of my biggest treasures in life!

My work been has been published in Tal Cual (Venezuelan newspaper), Buzz Cut (magazine), Fantastics (magazine), Town and Country (magazine) in the Philippines, and printed in Shift 2010 (book).


How I Photography

I like to bond with my clients and their family members, especially with kids by creating a fun-friendly environment, allowing people to feel comfortable around my camera while capturing beautiful, spontaneous moments.

My style has allowed me to grow and share meaningful moments with my clients, starting with engagement sessions, then weddings, maternity sessions, all the way to their children’s birthday parties. Besides that, I get to experience the joie de vivre of my clients through my camera, which I think is delightful. I am undoubtedly grateful as these families allow me into their worlds to capture beautiful memories in time. This is why I make sure every one of my sessions is filled with laughter and joy, promising a personalized experience and memories of a lifetime. In other words, I have the best job in the world!



Photography teaching: A dream come true!


My biggest passion after photography is teaching. That is why in 2011, I founded PhotoUno Photography School located in Midtown Manhattan.

This opportunity has allowed me to stay connected with the photography community and share my experience with people who have an interest and passion for photography. Being able to use my passion to empower others to capture their most cherished memories in life is something I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world!

In 2016, my amazing husband and partner Francisco and I, opened a second PhotoUno location in Midtown West.


Me in action!