Children’s Party Photographer NYC

Children's Party Photographer!

It’s party time?! There is nothing more heartbreakingly beautiful than the genuine and true laughter and happiness of children together. Children’s parties tend to be stressful for parents so let us take care of photographing this special event and provide you with memories in the form of pictures that will forever remind your family and your child of its young life.

NYC photographer Patricia Burmicky adores children and is always stunned by the ease with which these children unknowingly manage to put smiles on her face at any time. Patricia Burmicky has been photographing kids' parties for over 7 years and as a result of her expertise in children’s party photography will produce photographs that will be a reminder of this experience and can perfectly be used for thank you cards etc.

From a birthday party to a playdate or anything you can imagine, you name it, and we’ll it an unforgettable day!