Children’s Photographer NYC

Children's Photographer NYC

Children are life’s most precious gift and they never fail to remind us of the true beauty that this human experience brings with it. Children photography captures the honest and genuine emotions of your child and provides memories that will last a lifetime.

NYC photographer Patricia Burmicky will work with you and your kids to make this a unique experience and she will make sure your session is full of giggles. She is happiest seeing the unique and smiling faces of children unfold in front of her camera. Thanks to her expertise in children’s photography, NYC photographer Patricia Burmicky will produce photographs that will be a reminder of this experience and be of great use for birthday invitations, Christmas cards, etc.

Your session will be tailored to what you want: outdoor session, in the studio, or a combination of both! If you prefer to stay at home with your little one, we will make sure to advise and help you setting up your home to make it picture-perfect. Patricia and her team will make sure to achieve what you envision.