Why you need professional makeup for a photo session?

When having professional photos taken you want to look authentic, confident, and beautiful. A key way to feel comfortable in front of the camera is to know your makeup is flawless. While you may know great tips and techniques for your everyday makeup application, makeup for the camera is very different. It actually requires more...

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How to make your way in photography?

Becoming a professional photographer. As a photography educator, I always get asked how did I become a professional photographer? Well, the answer is: perserverance, passion and hard work. Last winter, I had the chance to share my experience of becoming a professional photographer at BH Event Space. It was a great experience and I loved...

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    How to get ready for your family photography session?

    In this blog post, I plan to share as a family photographer that has worked with hundreds of families how to make the most out of your family session and look at your best! Tips on what to wear, how to prepare will be given to make the most out of your session! Article coming...

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      Hi! I look forward to reading this post and preparing for my family session this Summer!ReplyCancel

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