How to make your way in photography?

Becoming a professional photographer.

As a photography educator, I always get asked how did I become a professional photographer?

Well, the answer is: perserverance, passion and hard work.

Last winter, I had the chance to share my experience of becoming a professional photographer at BH Event Space.

It was a great experience and I loved the energy and feedback I got from the people where there and online all over the world! BH Event Space were great to work with and made this experience an amazing one!

In this presentation I explained what are the maing things to consider when thinking about becoming a professional phortographer:

  1. Find a hub
  2. Learn your camera
  3. The equipment that you have is enough
  4. Look at photographs
  5. Learn about the masters
  6. Be aware of what is going outside
  7. Customize your technique
  8. How to get clients? give first
  9. Show your work: website
  10. Pricing
  11. Contracts
  12. Templates
  13. Register your company
  14. Keep learning: Read

If would like to watch my presentation on how to make your way in photography and go more in depth, please click on the video below:

How to make your way in photography? By Patricia Burmicky at BH Event Space, New York City.

I look forward to hearing from you and learning about your own experience of becoming a professional photographer in NYC!

Photography by Priscilla Bee.

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