Newborn Photographer in NYC

Newborn photographer NYC

A new baby brings a new beginning and an adventure that is so natural yet so unimaginably extraordinary. A newborn photography session will provide you with images and memories that will forever remind you of your babies exciting first day of this innocent life.

NYC photographer Patricia Burmicky has been photographing babies for more than 10 years. Her passion towards babies and family has let her to believe her purpose consists of capturing the eternal love and fierce emotions between them. As a newborn photographer she focuses on photographing candid moments between the baby, the family and parents. There is nothing that makes her happier than spending time with you and your newborn to create images that help celebrate you and the life you created.

The newborn photography session is recommended to take place at your home as it is more comfortable for the baby and parents, but if you feel that your apartment will be a challenge at this time, we can definitely work in the studio. Some advice about setting up your home will be given to you to make sure that everything will be picture-perfect for this experience.

Patricia and her team will make sure to make this a day to remember and be stunned by!