Maternity & Pregnancy Photographer NYC

Pregnancy Photographer NYC

Pregnancy is the time of a woman's life in which she gets to feel as resilient, feminine and beautiful as she truly is. Now that you are experiencing pregnancy, it is the best moment to have the pregnancy photo session you have always dreamed of. Take this chance to collect memories in a photograph that will last forever and remind you of this adventure of yours.

NYC photographer Patricia Burmicky is very passionate about this unique kind of photography and will work with you to make this experience memorable. There is only one thing that makes Patricia as happy as wondering about her own pregnancy one day and that is seeing other women empowered and owning this moment of life in front of her camera. The mission of this Pregnancy Photography session is to be able to capture this moment of your life and celebrate your pregnancy in an elegant and charming way!

Your session will be tailored to what you want: outdoor session, in the studio, or a combination of both! Outdoor sessions are about creating memories with your partner that serve as a reminder of the lifestyle you enjoy together and the happiness you share. In the studio, she likes to capture your inner strength in a more glamorous way and enable you to truly live your femininity.

Patricia and her team will make sure to make this a day to remember and be stunned by!

In the future, your maternity photography session will be a way for you to go back in time and remember the way you looked like and how you felt.