Why you need professional makeup for a photo session?

When having professional photos taken you want to look authentic, confident, and beautiful. A key way to feel comfortable in front of the camera is to know your makeup is flawless.

While you may know great tips and techniques for your everyday makeup application, makeup for the camera is very different. It actually requires more makeup and coverage than one would think to look “natural” on camera.  A professional makeup artist will know how to best accentuate your features and what products/finishes you need in order to be camera ready.

For great results and to alleviate your worry, hire a professional makeup artist for your photo shoot to ensure you look your best and most confident self during your photo session.

If you are unable to hire a makeup artist for your session here are some tips to keep in mind when applying your makeup:

1. DO exfoliate your lips the night before and apply lip balm generously

2. DON’T forget to wash and moisturize your face prior to applying makeup. The key to good makeup is prepping your skin prior. *PS don’t forget to wash your face before going to bed after your photo session to keep your skin happy 😉

3. DO wear full coverage matte foundation. Ditch the light coverage foundations and tinted moisturizers when having photos taken. The camera can and will pick up everything, it’s best to wear more coverage and ensure your skin tone is evened out. A matte finish will ensure you don’t look oily with flash. BE SURE TO MATCH YOUR FOUNDATION TO YOUR NECK!

4. DON’T wear foundation with SPF. The zinc and/or titanium dioxide in the foundation will cause the flash to bounce back thus giving an unflattering ghost-face effect.

5. DO fill in your brows. Especially if they are sparse or blonde. This will give your face dimension and framing.

6. DON’T wear mineral makeup. Like foundations with SPF, mineral makeup will create a bounce back- this is because it contains mica and typically zinc or titanium dioxide.

7. DO wear soft and neutral color toned shades of eyeshadow. Dark colors can easily make your eyes appear smaller.

8. DON’T wear translucent powder. Again, we want to  void bounce back and ghost face- white translucent powder can sometimes give these effects when combined with flash.

9. DO wear more blush than you’re used it. When applying, apply your every day amount and then some more. The camera and flash will wash you out so you want to ensure the color comes through.

10. DON’T wear products with shimmer, particularly if you have fine lines. Light bounces on reflective surfaces and with photography accentuates the area. Wearing shimmer will bring unwanted attention to any blemishes, fine lines, and large pores.

When being hired for a photography session, I always love to work with makeup artist, Erika Cerise. You can find more information about her here.
Below some examples of her work:
  • Natural makeup (A great option for the client looking for a subtle “I woke up like this” application) $100

Above, natural makeup by Erika Cerise. Maternity session in the studio.

  • Refined makeup (A recognizable, refreshed, yet flawlessly finished with a little bombshell flair) $120

Above, refined makeup by Erika Cerise. Headshot session in the studio.

For the natural and refined looks, lashes are a $15 add on.

  • Glam makeup (A full face makeup application- contour, bolder eye and/or lips also includes a  lash application) $140. Light hair styling.

* Price includes up to 2hrs of standby on set for touch ups.

Tips by makeup artist, Erika Cerise.

Erika is a certified makeup artist and has been freelancing since 2014. Her industry training, innate talent and experience has made her an artist who is supremely comfortable and knowledgeable about various skin tones and types. One of Erika’s prime specialties is a “clean makeup application”; enhancing her clients’ natural beauty. Her background and technical training have helped her develop an eye for detail, as well as a focus on client experience.

IG Erika.Cerise

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